CSI Faculty Coordinator : Dr. Sudhir Dhage

Computer Society of India (C.S.I.) Student Branch of Sardar Patel Institute of Technology is formed in 2009 under the guidance of Dr. Sudhir Dhage. CSI-SPIT is an altruistic society in college initiating workshops, events and seminars to explore the cornucopia of information other than the regular curriculum offered by the university. As part of the endeavour to bring together and assimilate various aspects of technical and non-technical education, number of seminars and workshops are conducted by professionals imparting knowledge to the students of the college. C.S.I. also encourage member students to organize events by themselves so that it imbibes in them the skills of management, self-confidence and helps to exchange views and information, learn and share ideas. An annual 10 day industrial visit cum trip is organized in Conjunction with FACE Committee to different parts of the country. This facilitates the students’ interaction with the industries in different parts of the country and gives them the valuable experience of witnessing the ground realities of the work environment intertwined with the pleasures of visiting the most beautiful places in India. Every person on this planet is blessed with some or the other quality and is dextrous at something. We at CSI-SPIT aim at exploring the acme within every individual so that they can realize their dreams in reality. The C.S.I has conducted 50+ events till date.