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Acc_no Title Author Publication
C00001 The art of Unix programming Eric .S.Raymond Pearson
C00002 Fundamentals of multimedia Ze-Nian Li ,Mark Drew Pearson
C00003 Discrete Mathematics Rajendra Akerkar Pearson
C00004 Fundamentals of Neural Network Lauren fauset Pearson
C00005 Object oriented software Engg using UML, Patterns Bernd Bruegge,Allen H Dutoit Pearson
C00006 Modern data warehousing, mining and visualization George M Marakas Pearson
C00007 Electronic devices With CD, 5th Edition Floyd Pearson
C00008 Data and computer communication 7th Edition William Stallings Pearson
C00009 Information systems management in practice, 6th ed Barbara C Menlurin, Ralph HSpragn Pearson
C00010 Object oriented programming with C++ Poornachandra Sarange Pearson
C00011 Parallel computing, 2nd Edition Anath Grama, Ansul Gupta, George Pearson
C00012 Human computer interaction, 3rd Edition Allan Dix, Janet Finlay, Gregory D A Pearson
C00013 Understanding Data communication, 7th Edition Gilbert Held Pearson
C00014 Fundamentals of multimedia Ze-NianLi, Marks, Drew Pearson
C00015 Modern Data Warehousing, mining and visualization George M Marakas Pearson
C00016 Understanding Data communication, 7th Edition Gilbert Held Pearson
C00017 Microprocessors A.P. Godse, D.A. Godse Technical Pub
C00018 Software architechture in practice Len Bass, paul Clements, RickKazm Pearson
C00019 Object oriented programming with C++ M.P. Bhave, S.A. Patekar Pearson
C00020 Object oriented S/W Engg using UML,Patterns,Java Bernd Bruegge, Allen H Dutoit Pearson
C00021 Data and computer communication, 7th edition William Stallings Pearson
C00022 Windows socket network Programming with CD Bob Cduinn, Dave Shute Pearson
C00023 Computer Programming II Aniket Mhela, Sedambar Nirali
C00024 Operating systems B.K. Swami Technova
C00026 Principles of interaction Computer Graphics William Newman, Robert F Sproull THM
C00027 The Unified Modelling Language User Guide Grady Booch, James Raumbaugh,Iv Pearson
C00028 Routing and Switching A Coposite overview NIIT NIIT
C00029 Data & Computer Communication, 7th Edition William Stalling PHI
C00030 Database Management System,3rd Edition Ramakrishnan & Gehrke Mc Graw Hill
C00031 Object oriented Design in C++ using the standard T Nicholas J, De Lillo Thompson
C00032 Compilers, Principles,Techniques & Tools Alfred V Aho, Ravi Sethi, J D Ullnan Pearson
C00033 Computer Oranisation & Architecture, Designing fo William Stalling PHI
C00034 Computer Architecture & Parallel processing Kai Hwang & Faye A. Briggs Mc Graw Hill
C00035 Object oriented Programming with C++, 2nd Edition E Balagurnswami THM
C00036 Data Structures & program Design, 3rd Edition Robert L Kruse PHI
C00037 Electronic Communications Systems, fundamentalsth Wayne Tomasi Pearson
C00038 Fundamentals of Database System, 4th Edition RemezElmasri, Shamkant Bnavath Pearson
C00039 Digital Logical Applications & Design John M. Yarbrough Thompson
C00040 Programming in ANSI C E Balagurnswami THM
C00041 Operating systems, 4th Edition William Stalling PHI
C00042 System Programming & Operating systems D. M. Dhamdhere THM
C00043 Computer Networks A S Tanenbaum PHI
C00044 The Design of Unix Operating system Maurice J Bach Pearson
C00045 Object oriented system development Ali Bahrami Mc Graw Hill
C00046 HTML & Web Design. Tips & Techniques Kris Jamsa, Konrad Kind, AndyAnde THM
C00047 Introduction to languages and the theory of comput John Martin THM
C00048 Digital Image processing, 2nd Edition Rafael Gonzalez, Richard E Woods Pearson
C00049 Software Engineering, A practitionous approach 6th Roger S Pressman Mc Graw Hill
C00050 Object oriented Modelling & Design James Rambaugh, Micheal Bhaha, PHI
C00051 Database System Concepts, 4th Edition Silberschats, Korth, Sudarshan Mc Graw Hill
C00052 Multimedia systems John. F. Koegel Buford Pearson
C00053 An Embedded software primer, With CD David E Simon Pearson
C00054 Digital Image processing & Analysis B. Chandd & D. Dutta majunder PHI
C00055 Security in computing Willis H Ware Pearson
C00056 Data Networks Dimitri Berteskar, Robert. Gallager PHI
C00057 Machine Vision Kamesh Jain, Rangachar, Kasturi,Br Mc Graw Hill
C00058 Introduction to Artifical Neutral Systems Jacek m.Zurada A Jaico Book
C00059 Fundamentals of Digital Logic with VHDL to Design, Brown Vranesic Mc Graw Hill
C00060 Computer Vision A modern approach Forsyth & Ponce Pearson
C00061 Fuzzy logic with Engineering Applications Timothy J Ross Mc Graw Hill
C00062 Digital Image processing, With CD William K Pratt WILEY
C00063 Simulation modeling & Analysis Averill M Law, W David Kelton Mc Graw Hill
C00064 Distributed Systems principles & paradigms Andrew STanebaum,MaartenVanS PHI
C00065 Data Network Design Darren L Spohn Mc Graw Hill
C00066 Neutral Networks A Comperhensive Foundation Simon Haykin Pearson
C00067 Embedded Systems.Architecture, Programming&Desi Raj Kamal Mc Graw Hill
C00068 The Art of Unix Programming Eric. S. Raymond Pearson
C00069 Network Cabing , Handbook Chris Clark Mc Graw Hill
C00070 Lotus 1-2-3 made simple releases 2.2 & 2.01 R K Taxal, P Chopra Mc Graw Hill
C00071 SCO Open server Handbook SCO SCO
C00072 User Guide for Gateway Internet Access service VSNL VSNL
C00073 Students Engineering series computer methodologyo Jhaveri, Rathode, Shah Student bookr
C00074 Developer 2000 Oracle
C00075 Digital computer Electronics Malvino Brown Mc Graw Hill
C00076 Foundation of descrete mathmatics K D Joshi Willey
C00077 Data Structures & PI/I Programming Mushe J Augenstein, Aaron mTenen Prenrice Hall
C00078 Electric circuits Joseph Edminston, Mahmood Mavi Mc Graw Hill
C00079 Oracle developer 2000 Ivan Bayross bpb
C00080 Theroy of Computer Science Abhay k Abhyankar c Aditi
C00081 Teach yourself visual Basic 3.0 John Socha, Devra Hall MIS bpb
C00082 80C51 Data Handbook IC20 PHILIPS PHILIPS
C00083 Microprocessor Data Handbook bpb
C00084 Circuits & N/W A. Sudhakar,S P Shyammohan Mc Graw Hill
C00085 80C51 Data Handbook PHILIPS PHILIPS
C00086 Oracle8 Architecture Oracle Press Mc Graw Hill
C00087 Digital Signal Processing Alan V Oppenheim, Ronald WSchaf PHI
C00088 Understanding Oracle Perry Lateer bpb
C00089 Turbo C++ user guide Borland
C00090 Oracle 1.0 & 7.1 user guide Oracle Comdex
C00091 Electronics-I J S Katre Tech.max
C00092 Programming languages Design & implementation TerenceW Pratt, Marvin VZelkowitz Pearson
C00093 Programming languages Design & implementation TerenceW Pratt, Marvin VZelkowitz Pearson
C00094 Operating systems V. R Udupi MahalaxmiPub
C00095 Programming in turbo Pascal M P Bhave,S A
C00096 Discrete Event system simulation Jerry Banks, John Carson PHI
C00097 Artificial Neural N/W B.Yegnanarayana PHI
C00098 Introduction to Computer Graphics Ahirban Mukhopadhya Vikas
C00099 Database Management System Alexis leon, Mashews leon Vikas
C00100 Digital Computer Fundamentals, 6th Edition Bartee, Thomas THM
C00101 Digital Principles & Applications, 5th Edition Leach Donald THM
C00102 Discrete mathematical structures with application Tremblay Jean Paul THM
C00103 Elements of Discrete mathematical,2th Edition C L Lin THM
C00104 Electronics communication system,4th Edition Kennedy George THM
C00105 Computer Organization, 5th Edition Hamacher carl MGH
C00106 Advance Microprocessor,2th Edition Tabak Deniel MGH
C00107 Quantitative Techniques in management,2th Edition N D Vohra THM
C00108 Web Technologies Achyuts Godbole THM
C00109 E-Commerce David Whiteley THM
C00110 Operations Research Theory & Applications J K Sharma
C00111 Java Servlet Programming,2th Edition Hunter & Crawford SPD
C00112 The Design of The U nix operating system Maurice J Bach PHI
C00113 Computer Networkin&TopdownApproch Feacturing T Kurose Ross Pearson
C00114 Computer Networks & Internets with Internet Dougles E Comer Pearson
C00115 Artificial Intelligence,3th Edition Patrick Henry Winston Pearson
C00116 Digital Image processing,2th Edition Gonzalez Wood Pearson
C00117 Prolog Programming For Artificial Intelligence, Ivan Broth Pearson
C00118 Fundamentals of Digital Image processing Anil K Jain PHI
C00119 Wireless coummunications principle & practice Theodore S Rappaport PHI
C00120 Pattern recognition &Image analysis Gose R Johnson, Steve Jost PHI
C00121 The Intel Microprocessors,6th Edition Barry B Brey PHI
C00122 Fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing Lundeman Lonnie Wiley
C00123 Digital Signal Processing Cavicchi Thomasy Wiley
C00124 Operating system concepts Silberschatz, Abraham Wiley
C00125 Pattern classification Duda Richard Wiley
C00126 Computer Graphics Donald Hearn Pearson
C00127 C++ Prime Plus Stephen Prata Pearson
C00128 C# How to program Deitel Listfeild, Nieto Pearson
C00129 Visual C++ Net How to program Deitel Listfeild,Nieto Pearson
C00130 Fundamentals of Digital Image processing Anil K Jain Pearson
C00131 Digital Processing Of Speech Signals Rabiner L.R. and Schafur R.W. Pearson
C00132 Mumtimedia Communication System K.R.Rao,Zorams Bojkovie, Pearson
C00133 Neutral Network A comrenesive Foundation Simon Haykin Pearson
C00134 Core Php pragramming Full Revision for php Lean Atkinson with Zeev suraski Pearson
C00135 Internetworking with TCP/IP Volume-1 Douglas E Comer Pearson
C00136 The Essential Guide to RF & Wireless Carl J Weismen Pearson
C00137 Digital Signal Processing,2th Edition Emmanuel C Ifeacher, Barrie WYerv Pearson
C00138 Inside Serlets, With CD Dustin R Callaway Pearson
C00139 Fundamentals of Speech Recognisation Rabiner & Juang Pearson
C00140 Porbability & Statistics,7th Edition Walpale,Myers,Ye Pearson
C00141 JSP 2-0, Complete Reference Phil Hanna TMH
C00142 C#, Complete Reference Henberi TMH
C00143 ASP Developer Guide, With CD Greg Buczek TMH
C00144 OracleOCPDeveloper,PL/SQLProgramUnitExamGu Steve O’ Nearu TMH
C00145 Programming in Visual Basic 6.0, With CD Julia C Braddy,Awta C Millsparph TMH
C00146 Programming in Visual Basic. NET Julia C Braddy,Awta C TMH
C00147 Digital Image processing a Practical introduction Nick Efford Pearson
C00148 Mobile Communication Jochey Schiller Pearson
C00149 Operating system Design & lmplementation Andrew S Tannenbaum & Woodhull Pearson
C00150 A communicative grammer of english George Leech & Jay Svartwik Pearson
C00151 Real 802.11 Security Jon Edney, William, A. Arbagh Pearson
C00152 Image processing Analysis & Machine Vision M Sonka,V Hlaviac, R Boyle Thomson
C00153 Fundamentals of Robotics Robert J Schilling PHI
C00154 Digital Logic & Computer Design M Momis Maro PHI
C00155 Signals, System Transforms C RARLES, RISKIN Pearson
C00156 SamsTeachYourselfMacromedia Flash MX 2004 in24 Phillip Kerurar Pearson
C00157 Enterprise Security Robert Newmen Pearson
C00158 Fiben Optic Communications Joseph C Palais Pearson
C00159 UML & C++ Lee & Tepfey hart Pearson
C00160 Wireless coummunications & M/Ws William Statlugs Pearson
C00161 Design Support Systems & Intelligent System Turbay & Aronson Pearson
C00162 Firewall & Internet Security Cheswick, Bellvion, Robin Pearson
C00163 Sams Teach Yourself TCP/IPIN 24 HOURS joe Casad Pearson
C00164 Longman, Dictionary of contemporary English with c Longman Pearson
C00165 Your Unix The Ultimate Guide Sumitabha Das TMH
C00166 Networking A Beginner Guide Bhuce A Hallbeng TMH
C00167 ORACLE 9 JDBC Programming Jason Price TMH
C00168 Java Servlet Developer Guide Karl Moss TMH
C00169 Principles of interaction Computer Graphics William Newman, Robert F Sproull TMH
C00170 Practical Object oreinted design with UML Mark Priestley TMH
C00171 Oracle Web Applications Sten E Vesterli TMH
C00172 XML: A Beginner Guide Dave Mercer TMH
C00173 The Oracle J2EE Companior, With CD Jai Krishna, Umesh, Ravi, Vikas, Raj TMH
C00174 Programming Microsoft ASP.NET Dino Esposito TMH
C00175 J2EE : The Complete Reference Jim Keogh TMH
C00176 Robotics: control, sensing, vision, & intelligence K S FU, C S G LEE, TMH
C00177 Industrial Robotics M Groover, weiss, Nagel TMH
C00178 Database processing David, M Kroenke Pearson
C00179 WEB Hacking: Attacks & Defence Mc Clure, Saumil shah Pearson
C00180 Java 2 Network Security Pistoia, Reller, Gupta Pearson
C00181 Linux Adminstration Handbook Nemeth, Snyder,Hein Pearson
C00182 Unix shell Programming Kochan, Wood Pearson
C00183 Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft visual c# Net 2003 i Foxall Pearson
C00184 C++ Primer Answer Book Tondo, Leung Pearson
C00185 Linux Kernel Programming Beck, Bohme, Kunitz Pearson
C00186 Biometrics for Network Security Paul reid Pearson
C00187 Sams Teach Yourself Java.2 IN 24 HOURS Cadenhead Pearson
C00188 Concurrent Programming in Java Doug Lea Pearson
C00189 Grid Computing Joseph, Fellenstein Pearson
C00190 Speech & Language Processing Jurafsky, Martin Pearson
C00191 Introduction to Robotics Craig Pearson
C00192 Essential Javascript Barrett Pearson
C00193 Bio informatics computing Bergeron Pearson
C00194 Enterprise Javabeans Valesky Pearson
C00195 IS-95 CDMA &CDMA 2000 Garg Pearson
C00196 Digital Image processing Gonzalez Wood Pearson
C00197 Digital Image processing Gonzalez Wood Pearson
C00198 Advanced Microprocessors Tabak MGH
C00199 Advanced Microprocessors Tabak MGH
C00200 Software Engineering Fundamentals Behforooz,Hudson Oxford
C00201 CISCO Router Performance Held TMH
C00202 CISCO IOS IP Field Guide Held TMH
C00203 XML Developer’s Guide with CD Arciniegas TMH
C00204 Wireless Broadband Networks Handbook Vacca TMH
C00205 Wireless XML Developer’s Guide Hillborg TMH
C00206 Network Cabling Handbook Clark TMH
C00207 Javascript Annotated Archives with CD Frentzen TMH
C00208 J2ME: The COMPLETE Referance Keogh TMH
C00209 Perl:The COMPLETE Referance Brown THM
C00210 CISCO:The COMPLETE Referance Hill THM
C00211 Image Processing, Analysis & Machine Vision Sonka Thomson
C00212 Advance Programing dor The JAVA with CD AUSTIN Pearson
C00213 Digital Image processing a practical Intro. (CD) EFFORD Pearson
C00214 Powerpoint 2000/98 for Windows & Macintosh ALTMAN Pearson
C00215 Database System Implementation MOLINA Pearson
C00216 ASP.Net &VB. Web Programming CROUCH Pearson
C00217 Probabilty & Statistical Interence TANIS Pearson
C00218 B2B Application Intergration LINTHICUM Pearson
C00219 The Unified Modeling Language user guide BOOCH Pearson
C00220 Essential PHP for web Professionals CONSENTION Pearson
C00221 Principles of Wireless Networks Pahlavan PHI
C00222 Spice for Circuits & Electronics Using PSPICE Rashid PHI
C00223 XML Related Technologies & Programing with Java IBM PHI
C00224 Communication systems NIIT PHI
C00225 Hacking: Tools & Techniques & Indident Handling NIIT PHI
C00226 Basics Of Network Security Firewalls & VPNS NIIT PHI
C00227 Basics Of Wireless Communications NIIT PHI
C00228 Introduction to Digital Communication Systems NIIT PHI
C00229 Core Java – Fundamentals with CD Horstmann Pearson
C00230 Core Java – Advanced with CD Horstmann Pearson
C00231 Java Server with CD Pekowsky Pearson
C00232 An Embedded Software Primer with CD SIMON Pearson
C00233 CCNA 1 & 2 Companion with CD CISCO Pearson
C00234 Modren Cryptography with CD MAO Pearson
C00235 Mastering Data Warehouse Design IMHOFF WileyDreamte
C00236 Buliding Data Warehouse IMMON WileyDreamte
C00237 Bioknformatics Claverie WileyDreamte
C00238 Software Testing Techniques Beizer WileyDreamte
C00239 Data Mining : Modelling data for Marketing, Risk & Parr Rud WileyDreamte
C00240 Beginning PHP, Apache,Mysql web development Glass WileyDreamte
C00241 Data Mining Teachniques Berry WileyDreamte
C00242 Symbian OS C++ for Mobile phone with CD Harrison WileyDreamte
C00243 Gate : Computer science & Engineering Jaiswal Galgotta
C00244 USB Complete Axelson Penram
C00245 Introduction to Artifical Neutral System Zurada Jaico
C00246 Body Language Lewis Response
C00247 CCNA Self-Study: Intro. To CISCO networking Tech. Mc Querry Pearson
C00248 Data Structures & Algorithms analysis inc. Weiss Pearson
C00249 Network Security Architecture Convery Pearson
C00250 Database Management Systems Ramakrishnan MGH
C00251 Course in Mental ability & Quantitative Aptitude Thorpe THM
C00252 Test Of Reasoning Thorpe THM
C00253 Principles of Communication Systems Taub / Schilling THM
C00254 Oracle 9i Mobile Yeung THM
C00255 Quantitative Aptitude for MBA Entrance Exams Guha THM
C00256 Quantitative Aptitude for Competative Exams Guha THM
C00257 Embedded Systems Raj Kamal THM
C00258 Schaum’s probability & statistics Spiegel THM
C00259 Red Hat Linux Networking & System administration Collings WileyDreamte
C00260 Vocabulary for Toefl / ILETS Lingua WileyDreamte
C00261 Introduction to pointers C S.P.Upadhyay Dhanpat Rai
C00262 Fundamentals of Computers and proramming in C G.S. Baluja Dhanpat Rai
C00263 Oxford Dictionary thesaurus Sara Hawleen,Catherine Soanes Oxford
C00264 Biometrics for N/W Securities REID PEA
C00265 CMM in practice Jalote PEA
C00266 Comp vision:A modern Approach Forsythe PHI
C00267 Digital image processing using MATLAB Gonzalez PEA
C00268 Embedded systems Kamal TMH
C00269 Enterprise Resource planning Leon TMH
C00270 Enterpribeurde resource planning;Theory&Practice Altekar PHI
C00271 Figuring:The joy of numbers Shakuntala Devi ORIEN
C00272 File Structures Folk PEA
C00273 Fundamentals of Queuing theory Gross WP
C00274 Introduction to AI Charniak PEA
C00275 More Puzzles Shakuntala Devi ORIEN
C00276 Neural Networks and comprehensive foundation 2ED Haykin PEA
C00277 Pervasive Computing Barkhardt PEA
C00278 PKI implementing and managing E-SECURITY Nash TMH
C00279 Practical Cryptography Schneier WPRE
C00280 Puzzles to puzzle you Shakuntala Devi ORIEN
C00281 Quantitative aptitude for competetive exams GUHA TMH
C00282 SAMS TYS:wireless java with J2ME Morrison TECHM
C00283 Symbian OS communiction programming Jipping WP
C00284 Taking the GRE writing assessment Avants NEW
C00285 Test of reasoning for competitive exams THORPE TMH
C00286 MBA Entrance guide with CD Career Launcher VPH
C00287 MCA-CET Complete Book Agrawal PRP
C00288 Multimedia information N/W Sharda PHI
C00289 Networks for comp Scientists ZHENG PHI
C00290 Neural N/W,Fuzzy logic and genetic Algos Rajarekaran PHI
C00291 Problem solving and desiging in C Hanley PEA
C00292 SAMS:TYS MYSQL:21 Days Butcher PEA
C00293 S/W Testing :Principles & Practices Desikas PEA
C00294 S/W Testing tools KVKK Prasad WDRE
C00295 The art of comp programming: VOL I KNUTH PEA
C00296 The art of comp programming:VOL II KNUTH PEA
C00297 The art of comp prograaming:VOLIII KNUTH PEA
C00298 The GMAT advantage Scalise NEW
C00299 The intel microprocessor BREY PHI
C00300 Beginning algos Harris WDRE
C00301 Embedded/Real-Time-Systems bluch book PRASAD DRMTE
C00302 Network CLARKE TMH
C00303 Vocabulary for TOEFL/IELTS LINGUA DRMTE
C00304 Intro to parallel computing Gruma PEA
C00305 J2E Proffesional projects NIIT PHI
C00307 A programmer’s guide to java Mughal PEA
C00308 An intro to geographical info systems Heywood PE
C00309 An unofficial guide to Ethical Hacking Fadia MAC
C00310 Art. Intelligence Luger ADDIS
C00311 BioInformatics Computing Borgeron PEA
C00313 DELTA’S Key to next generation TOEFL Gallaghu NEW
C00314 Fundamentals of neural networks Fausett PEA
C00315 How to prepare for the GRE Barrons GPP
C00316 Information theory coding and cryptography Bose TMH
C00317 Intro to info theorey ITLESL PEA
C00318 Intro to rel. databases Allen TMH
C00319 Intro to geographic info SYSTEMS with CD Chang TMH
C00320 Master the GRE 2005 ARCO GOLD THOM
C00321 MAYA 6:The complete reference MEADE TMH
C00322 The intel microprocessor BREY Pearson
C00323 The 8051Microcontroller and embedded systems Mazidi Pearson
C00324 Intro to Comp science ITC rd Pearson
C00325 Novell certified linux proffesional study guide Dulaney Pearson
C00326 Intro to automata theory,lang & computation HopeCroft Pearson
C00327 The complete reference: MAYA 6 Made TMH
C00328 Survey of operating systems Holcombe TMH
C00329 Software testing Rajan TMH
C00330 Software Quality Gillies Thompson
C00331 Neural N/W fundamentals with graphs Bose TMH
C00332 Intro to geographics information systems Charge TMH
C00333 Intro to neural N/W using MATLABS Sivanandan TMH
C00334 PKI implementing and managing E-Security Nash TMH
C00335 Oracle database Complete reference Leney TMH
C00336 Problem solving and program desiging using C Hanley Pearson
C00337 MS Office World 2003 Steele Pearson
C00338 Bioinformatics Computing Bergran Pearson
C00339 Ad Hoc Wireless networks Murthy Pearson
C00340 Longman Active study dictionary Longman Longman
C00341 English grammar and exercise 4 Chopra Longman
C00342 English grammar and exercise 3 Chopra Longman
C00343 English grammar and exercise 1 Chopra Longman
C00344 Net Spies Gauntlett Firewall
C00345 Grid Computing Abbas Firewall
C00346 Making didgital videos Ben Firewall
C00347 Web design with micromedia studio MX 2004 Hanley Firewall
C00348 Data Mining Roiger Pearson
C00349 Grid computing Joshy Joseph Pearson
C00350 Human computer interaction Kumar Firewall
C00351 Learning to program visual basic object John Firewall
C00352 Learn to program visual basic databases John Firewall
C00353 Learn to program visual basic examples John Firewall
C00354 Learning Visual basic .NET Crooks Firewall
C00355 Illustrating with micromedia flash MX 2004 Firebaugh Firewall
C00356 Computer Forensics Vacca Firewall
C00357 CD,BRO for U Maya,Access 2003,Flash MX,VB,WinXP Computer warbel Firewall
C00358 computer programming 1 V.M. Rawool,B.R.Palkar Tech max
C00359 programming the world wide web R.W.Sebesta LPE Pearson
C00360 OOP with C++ E.Balaguruswamy TMH
C00361 Data Structure And Algorithm In Java Adam Drazdek CengageLearn
C00362 Data Structure With Java John Hubbard TMH
C00363 programming with c++ B.L.Juneja,Anita Seth new ageintern
C00364 C++ for beginners Ankit Asthana new ageintern
C00365 web engineering Roger Pressman,David Lowe TMH
C00366 C and data structure N.B.Venkateshwarlu,E.V.Prasad S.Chand
C00367 software engineering Sajan Mathew S.Chand
C00368 Data structure S.Lipschutz TMH
C00370 data structure via C++ A.M.Berman oxford
C00371 GRE S.W.Green,L.K.Wolf Galgotia
C00372 computer programming-1 M.M.Shah,V.Kulkarni technova
C00373 data structure and algorithm in C++ B.K.Joshi M.G.H
C00374 computer programming -1 M.P.Bhave,S.A.Pateker Pearson
C00375 web designing technology D.P.Nagpal S.Chand
C00376 802.11 security B.Potter,Bob Fleck O’Reilly
C00378 software engineering W.S.Jawadekar TMH
C00379 programming ANSI C E.Balaguruswamy TMH
C00380 Gate 2007
C00381 OOP with java Raj Kumar Buyya,X.T.Selvi,X.Chu MGH
C00382 the complete reference network security R.Bragg,M.R.Onskey,K.Strassberg TMH
C00383 data mining,data warehousing and OLAP G.Sharma Katson books
C00384 automata and theoretical comp.sci B.R.Ragade Pearson
C00385 computer science B.A.Foroozan.R.F.Gilberg Thomson
C00386 Fundamental of comps and programming in C G.S.Baluja,G.K.Baluja Dhanpatrai an
C00387 The complete reference visual basic 6 Noel Jerke TMH
C00388 theory of computation Sushil Kumar Azad Dhanpatrai an
C00389 database management system Ramakrishnan-Gehrke MGH
C00390 mobile communication J.Schiller Pearson
C00391 OOP with C++ M.P.Bhave,S.A.Patekar Pearson
C00392 problem solving with C++-the object ofprogramming Walter,Savitch Pearson