Dr. Dhananjay Kalbande
Professor & Head of Department
Post-Doctorate (TISS), Ph.D.,M.E.(I.T.), B.E.(Comp.)
Senior Research Fellow (NCW-TISS Project,T.I.S.S., Mumbai)
Research Fellow (T.I.S.S. and M.I.T.(USA), CLIx-Project, Mumbai)
Tel: +91 (22) – 26707440 Ext:366 | Email: drkalbande{at}spit.ac.in
Research Interests: Soft Computing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Human Machine Interaction, User Experience Design, Artificial Intelligence for Social and Healthcare cause, Data and Image Analytics, IOT for Rural Healthcare.

Dr. Sudhir Namdeorao Dhage
Professor & Dean-Administration
Qualification : Ph.D.(Technology) in Computer Engineering (VJTI, Mumbai), M.E. (CSE), B.E. (CSE)
Ex. Regional Student Coordinator (CSI Region VI: Maharashtra and Goa)
Tel: +91 (22) – 26707440 Ext:370 | Email: sudhir_dhage{at}spit.ac.in
Research Interests: Algorithms, Big Data Analytics, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Parallel and Distributed systems, Networks, Wireless Communication Networks, Pattern Recognition, Brain Cognitive Science

Dr. Preetida Vinayakray Jani
Qualification : PhD (Electrical Engineering – University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
M.Eng.Sc (Digital Communication) University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
Tel: +91 (22) – 26707440 Ext: | Email: preeti.vinayakray{at}spit.ac.in
Research Interests: Wireless Communication, Network Security, Algorithms (Compression, Bioinformatics), Satellite Communication, Cognitive Radio

Dr. Anant V. Nimkar
Associate Professor
Qualification : Ph.D (Computer Science & Engg.), IIT Kharagpur
M.Tech.(I.T.) IIT Kharagpur, B.E.(CSE)
Tel: +91 (22) – 26707440 Ext:369 | Email: anant_nimkar{at}spit.ac.in, anantvnimkar{at}spit.ac.in
Research Interests:  Information & System Security,  Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning , Distributed Algorithms & Soft Computing

Prof. Anand Godbole
Associate Professor
Qualification : M.E. (Electronics), B.E. (Computer)
Tel: +91 (22) – 26707440 Ext:373 | Email: anand_godbole{at}spit.ac.in
Research Interests: Computer Programing, Computer Graphics, Multimedia Systems, System Programming, Data Structures

Prof. Surekha Dholay
Associate Professor
Qualification : M.E. (Computer Science & Engineering), B.E. (Computer Science & Engineering)
Tel: +91 (22) – 26707440 Ext:368 | Email: surekha_dholay{at}spit.ac.in
Research Interests: Digital Signal and Image Processing, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Computer Vision, Robotics

Prof. Kiran Gawande
Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.E. (Computer Science & Engineering), B.E. (Computer Science & Engineering)
Tel: +91 (22) – 26707440 Ext:374 | Email: kiran_gawande{at}spit.ac.in
Research Interests: Data Base Management Systems, Image Processing, Big Data Technologies, Programming Languages

Prof. Jyoti Ramteke
Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.E. (Computer Science & Engineering)
Tel: +91 (22) – 26707440 Ext:374 | Email: jyoti_ramteke{at}spit.ac.in
Research Interests: Data Base Management Systems, Data Warehousing and mining, Operating Systems

Dr. Nataasha Nitin Raul
Assistant Professor
Qualification : Ph.D. in Technology (Computer Engineering), M.E. (Information Technology) ,B.Tech. (Information Technology)
Tel: +91 (22) – 26707440 Ext:374 | Email: nataasharaul{at}spit.ac.in
Research Interests: Security, Machine Learning, Cryptography and Algorithms

Prof. Reeta Koshy
Assistant Professor
Qualification :M.E (Computer Engineering), B.E. (Electronics and Communication)
Tel: +91 (22) – 26707440 Ext:374 | Email: reeta_koshy{at}spit.ac.in
Research Interests: Object Oriented Software Engineering, Data Structures, Analysis of Algorithms, Software Architecture, Database Management Systems

Prof. Soni Bhambar
Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.E. Computer Engineering
Tel: +91 (22) – 26707440 Ext:371 | Email: bhambar.soni{at}spit.ac.in
Research Interests: Computation and algorithms

Prof. Abhijeet Salunke
Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.E.(Computer Engineering), PhD Pursuing (Computer Science and Engineering)
Tel: +91 (22) –26707440 Ext:371 | Email: abhijeet_salunke@spit.ac.in
Research Interests: Networks, Network Performance, Mobile Application, Virtualization

Prof. Sunil B. Ghane
Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.E. Computer, B.E. I.T.
Tel: +91 (22) – 26707440 Ext:371 | Email: sunil_ghane@spit.ac.in
Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Parallel Computing, Machine Learning, Data Mining

Prof. Pramod Bide
Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.E. Computer, B.E. Computer, Pursuing PhD in Computer Engineering
Tel: +91 (22) – 26707440 Ext:377 | Email: pramod_bide@spit.ac.in
Research Interests: Machine Learning, Data mining, Big data Analytics, Internet of Things, Database, Cloud security, Cyber Security

Prof. Prachi Dalvi
Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.E. Computer Engineering, B.E. Computer Engineering
Tel: +91 (22) – 26707440 Ext: 393
Email: prachi_dalvi@spit.ac.in
Research Interests: Data mining, Big data Analytics, Machine Learning, Programming

Prof. Komal Patil
Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.E. (Computer Engineering), B.E. (Computer Engineering)
Tel: +91 (22) – 26707440 Ext: 393
Email: komalspatil@spit.ac.in
Research Interests: Machine Learning and Data analytics