M.Tech. Projects

AY 2020-21


UID Name Name of Guide Title
2019430001 Ansari Mohd Saeem Mohd Salem Prof. Kiran Gawande Coercive Behaviour Catching : A Real Time Analysis Approach
2019430002 Aakansha Dijendra Prof. Jignesh Sisodia Clustering Based Churn prediction and Retention in Telecomm Sector
2019430003 Bailurkar Radhika Deepak Prof. Nataasha Raul Detecting Bots To Distinguish Hate Speech On Social Media
2019430005 Bharucha Harsh Rakesh Dr. Anant Nimkar Access Control Method for Cloud Network and Data Security in Mobile Cloud Computing
2019430006 Garud Sushama Jeydrath Dr. Sudhir N. Dhage Lung Cancer Detection In CT Scan Images Using CNN
2019430007 Padwal Asmita Anil Prof. Reeta Koshy A Hybrid Approach To Predict Election Candidate Success Using Candidate Speech and Voter Opinion
2019430008 Pagare Nishigandha Nagesh Dr. Surekha Dholay Machine learning approach for early prediction of Arrhythmia
2019430009 Pasalkar Anagha Sanjay Dr. Dhananjay Kalbande Prediction and Analysis of Reccurent Depression Disorder: Deep Learning Approach
2019430010 Ramane Vishal Gopinath Prof. Anand Godbole A novel approach towards video indexing by content extraction
2019430011 Shah Shreyam Manoj Prof. Jyoti Ramteke Named Entity Recognition for Contextual Embedding
2019430012 Singh Ajaykumar Pradeep Dr. Preetida Jani Localising the privacy requirement to improve the scalability of blockchain
2019430013 Siddhika Arunachalam Dr. Prasenjit Bhavathankar Medical Diagnosis of Thoracic Diseases from Chest X-Ray Images using Deep Learning
2019430014 Thakur Deepal Santosh Prof. Swapnali Kurhade Context-based Clickbait Prediction using Deep Learning



AY 2019-20


Name of the Student Guide Name Title of the Project


Priyam Das Dr. D. R. Kalbande

Behavioral Analysis of multi-source social network data using OCBC and data mining techniques.


Lloyd Fernandes Dr. Anant Nimkar

Deepfakes: Impersonation through Message Tampering of Audios and Videos.


Atulkumar Gupta Prof. Surekha Dholay AI Based Enabled Performances Measurements for MOOCs.


Bhavik Kanekar Prof. A. A. Godbole Improving Sentiment analysis using Neural Network


Anuraj Kathait Dr. Sudhir Dhage Hybrid Multilevel Strategy for load balancing in distributed systems.


Bhavana Khet Prof. Kiran Gawade

Evolutionary Techniques for Analyzing Customer Reviews in E- commerce and Social Media.


Shubhankar Lipare Dr. P. B. Bhavtankar Railway Emergency Detection and Response system using IoT.